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Animal Removal MA./Cape Cod & RI.

At Wildlife Extractors, we are animal removal experts, and bat control specialists. We offer free wildlife control inspections and printed warranties with every job. Free animal removal inspections are Monday - Friday, and the same day service is also available.  One price will be quoted and you will never pay a penny more. Give us a call and one of our highly trained wildlife removal technicians will be happy to help you.         

Why use Wildlife Extractors instead of the other guys?
At Wildlife Extractors we treat our customers and employees with their best interests in mind. So you can trust our technicians are the best in the business, they are better trained and motivated. We have more full time year round employee's on the road than any wildlife company in MA.& RI. Insuring that your problem will be solved promptly. Because we handle higher volume of animal removal than our competitors we can offer a lower price than most.

Emergency  Animal Removal 24 / 7 !

Regular office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, however 24 hour 7 day emergency service is available. We maintain a rotating night crew staffed by highly trained professionals happy and willing to help any time. Please be advised we do not handle domestic animals, and we do not treat injured wildlife.

Animal Removal Boston
, Providence, Worcester, Cape Cod, and beyond.
It is commonly thought that if you live in the city you will not encounter animals such as bats, raccoons, or even flying squirrels. Truth is these animals are every where. We are as likely to evict bats from a town house in downtown Boston, as we are from a small cape in the woods of Hopkinton. We have captured flying squirrels in small cottages on Cape Cod and in large Victorians in Roslindale! Whereever you live there are animals trying to invade either your home or your neighbors home! So don't think its not possible, if your hearing a noise day or night call now!

                                  Ever heard the expression, "Quiet As A Mouse"? 
Its true mice are very quiet! So if your hearing noises it's not mice!

                  GOT BATS?
                      Bat Removal

       Squirrel Removal 

    "They said the bats would be gone overnight,they were very confident, I was a bit skeptical, we never heard them again!"
                        Jeff G. ,Wellesley Ma.



Mark Hedlund has over 10 years experience with wildlife on top of 13 years experience of home construction. We offer same day service 24/7. We have a technician in your area so call now!

" We will refer Wildlife Extractors to everyone, they were very professional, and they made a disturbing experience much more pleasant. Most importantly, the flying squirrels were gone right away. Thank you for all your hard work! "
                                Susan S. , Ashland Ma.

                  Live Removal

    We removal animals quickly and repair the damage  they cause. We quote one price for all work beginning to end, so you know what you will pay! Every job comes with a printed warranty!